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Milk Kefir in India now !

  We Women  keep on looking for  new healthy  food for our families which not only will keep our family healthy but also make them internally strong . With  Milk Kefir Grains  in India now its super super easy to stop worrying about our families and specially our kid’s health . Kefir not only protects […]

Trendz Health With KEFIR

Wondering what can kefir do to your Health ? It can do wonders if you trust this superfood completely . Kefir is an amazing food which is good for your hair , skin , gut , nails , bones and you name it and it treats that ailment …. your personal health can trendz  by […]

Kefir -Safe for Lactose Intolerant

Is kefir safe for Lactose Intolerant ? For people with lactose intolerance, a yogurt-like drink called kefir could put dairy in their diet again. Lactose intolerance is a very common digestive problem caused by too little of an enzyme called lactase, which the body needs to digest lactose — milk sugar. Gas, bloating, and diarrhea are the result. The problem varies […]

Kefir -Food For The Picky Eater !

If you are a Picky Eater then KEFIR  would be a perfect food for you ! Kefir a complete probiotic food not only gives you tons of probiotics and improve your ecoflora but also nourish your whole body . Kefir Is a Fantastic Source of Many Nutrients. … Kefir Is a More Powerful Probiotic Than Yogurt. […]


ANYTIME FITNESS WITH KEFIR – Get Fitness anytime in life with KEFIR Drink also called an elixir for life !! Irrespective of what is your age  , color , caste , to what sect you belong just sip kefir drink everyday and get going towards a healthy lifestyle !! Exercising is no doubt an important […]

Is Yakult a Good Probiotic ?

Is Yakult a Good Probiotic ? The answer is NO when u have a far better option now which is KEFIR !! Now you would be thinking what the hell is kefir ? Dont panic we are here to give a lowdown on everything about kefir …. KEFIR is generally called a A GUT SUPERFOOD […]


        Looking for a drink that can act as your BEAUTY  GYM ? Grab and dig into KEFIR – THE GUT FOOD !! We exercise daily to keep our physical bodies fit but how to take care of our  beautiful skin ? The answer is KEFIR Drink . Kefir – is a […]