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Kefir can be taken in any form as its a rich source of probiotics and thus helps in weight loss in women .

Different types of  kefir Recipes are mentioned below …….

Smoothies : If you aren’t sure how to get kefir in your diet — or have to get accustomed to the taste — smoothies are a great way to incorporate this healthy drink into your day. Just use kefir the same way you would milk, soy milk, or other liquids in your favourite smoothie recipe.

Salad Dressing : You can add kefir into salad dressing or potatao salad and spice it up with herbs, garlic , lemon and salt and pepper.

Kefir Cheese : Kefir cheese is prepared much like yogurt cheese, where the whey has dripped out, leaving a thicker consistency that is spreadable like cream cheese. Season this with herbs, garlic and salt and pepper and spread it on bread and biscuits or make it into a veggie dip.

Flavoured kefir : You can flavour your plain kefir with vanila extract or blended fruit and make it more drinkabe if you like flavoured drinks . However if you are watching weight please avoid adding sugar in it . Instead you can stevia which is a natural sweetener .

Use kefir to make Probiotic Ice Cream

A great way to consume kefir is of course in ice cream! Kefir is what gives my Chocolate Probiotic Ice Cream such an interesting flavor kick. It can also be used in fruity flavors of ice cream too.

Kefir Sauce


  • 1/4 cup homemade plain kefir
  • 2 TBS mayonnaise
  • 2 TBS fresh lemon juice
  • 2 TBS cilantro, finely chopped
  • 1/2 tsp cumin powder
  • pinch of chipotle chili powder
  • pinch of celtic sea salt
  • Procedures:
    1. In a medium bowl, combine the all 7 ingredients until well blended.
    2. Serve and enjoy.
    3. Store leftover sauce in fridge. This can lasts for 3 days.

In crux , Kefir can be used just about anywhere that buttermilk, yoghurt or cream cheese may be used. Other great ways to use kefir are:

  • To tenderize meat instead of yoghurt
  • Served with fruit
  • In a cold soup
  • In an ice cream recipe
  • Poured over cereal
  • Used instead of yoghurt to make anything
  • In a healthy milkshake recipe
  • As a leavening agent
  • In place of buttermilk in baking
  • In a salad dressing
  • In a pasta sauce
  • To make probiotic drinks