Learn how to make water kefir below in pictorial form for better understanding .

NOTE : Detailed Instruction notes will be provided along with the Water Grains .

How to make Water Kefir

Step 3 : Kefir Jar has to be kept at a place where  there is no Sunlight  . It should be dark and a warm place in your kitchen .


Water kefir, just like milk kefir, utilizes a beneficial culture of microbes that consume the simple sugars in the juice, coconut water or sugar water base to create a plethora of probiotics. The water kefir culture’s use of the sugar means that there isn’t much sugar left in the final product. This is good news for those with Metabolic Syndrome in that water kefir doesn’t add to problems with blood sugar fluctuations or feed those sugar cravings.
In addition, the fermentation process releases additional vitamins and minerals. Best of all, there aren’t any additives, chemicals or artificial anything in a kefir soda made with properly fermented water kefir. It even turns out a bit bubbly just like conventional sodas and can be bottled to add further effervescence. Water kefir can also be used as a base for dairy-free smoothies, popsicles, and homemade jello.

The homemade kefir contains billions of friendly organisms per millilitre, and the organisms are alive and
actively reproducing right up until the kefir is consumed along with ample amounts of kefiran and variations of
the polysaccharide. Commercial probiotics or kefir does not contain anywhere near the different types of organismsincluding yeasts as does kefir prepared with live kefir grains. Certain strains of organisms in the kefir grainscannot be cultured once they are separated from the microflora. Hence, these organisms are not found in
artificial kefir-starters, or in commercial kefir. We simply do not yet know how to create these organisms. What
their requirements are, and how they interact with the rest of the microflora remains a mystery to scientists and
dairy technologists.






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