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Kefir Diet Plan

Kefir being a complete meal in itself is recommended by many dieticians to include in your daily diet . Its has all the essential vitamins , minerals , probiotics  and nutrients that make kefir a super rich food and a must in everybody’s diet plan . Kefir not only helps in weight loss but also nourishes the complete body . It also has healing properties which repairs the damaged cells in the body and makes our bodies internally more strong which is why it helps in loosing weight .
Kefir is better than probiotic supplements because one capsule of man-made probiotics usually contains about 15 million beneficial bacteria. In comparison, one small glass of fresh kefir contains about 1.5 trillion beneficial bacteria. In probiotics, its all about the numbers.
Regularly drinking Kefir helps to reduce BMI , Lower waist circumference and also body fat .One reason for this is kefir’s high protein content. Protein helps you feel full for long periods of time and boosts your body’s energy expenditure and makes you eat less by controlling your mouth .Kefir is loaded with nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and a broad spectrum of amino acids, the building blocks of protein that support optimal body functioning. It is also an excellent source of trytophan, the amino acid that has a profoundly calming effect on the nervous system and promotes sound sleep. Kefir is rich in B vitamins, particularly B1, B12, and biotin, a coenzyme that helps metabolize carbohydrates as energy rather than being stored as fat. These vitamins help regulate the kidneys, liver and nervous system and relieve skin disorders.

Weight Loss for women gets easy with Kefir Diet Plan below …

Break fast : 1 cup of Kefir

Mid day : Fruit

Lunch : 1/2 Chapatti + Sabzi + Salad OR Sandwich OR Chickpeas Salad OR Rajma with 2 piece of bread OR Oats Chilla topped with Vegetables OR Boiled Potato Salad ( Potatoes should be with skin ) OR 7 colors of veggies with Paneer  OR Besan Chilla OR Sandwich with lots of coloured veggies OR Brown Rice and vegetable /  dal OR any Sabzi with Multi Grain Bread OR Bruchettas of Tomatoes & Mushroom & Cheese  .

Evening : Green Tea with Peanuts OR Almonds OR Walnuts ( quantity should be a fist )

Dinner : Steamed OR  Boiled Veggies OR Soup OR Oats and Milk .

Note :

1) If you are new to taking kefir , start with 1/4th a cup and then increase your quantity to a complete cup and maintain the quantity . Do it Gradually over a period and not rush . Give a break of 1 day in a week .

2) Needless to say that you should be avoiding Processed food ,  fried foods  , sugar  and sweets as no diet can work for you if you don’t remove them from your diet .

3) Follow this diet for 3 months and see the change in your body !!

4) Kefir not only helps in fat loss but also completely nourishes your body as it makes your body internally stronger  .

5) Regular exercise of 1 hour daily  will do wonders to your health when done on regular basis without break along with following the above diet .


NOTE : Above is a Vegetarian Diet chart but you can also include  Non Veg items like eggs  /chicken /fish etc  in your diet while going on a kefir diet .