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Wondering what can kefir do to your Health ? It can do wonders if you trust this superfood completely . Kefir is an amazing food which is good for your hair , skin , gut , nails , bones and you name it and it treats that ailment …. your personal health can trendz  by consuming kefir daily .

Kefir is a fermented dairy milk drink, made by adding a live culture of yeast and bacteria to milk and leaving it to ferment for a few hours. The result? A tartly flavoured drink reminiscent of, and with a consistency between, milk and yoghurt.

Originating from the region where Europe meets Asia, kefir has been made for over 2,000 years and is drunk religiously in countries including Russia and former Soviet states for its health benefits. The drink is rich in good bacteria, containing around 47 different strands, whereas yoghurt which contains just one or two.

Kefir’s health benefits

  1. Digestion. Kefir is naturally very low in lactose and so easier for some people to digest. The probiotic bacteria also help to break down the ‘bad stuff’ in our bodies and support the digestive tract, which is good for those that suffer with digestive issues such as IBS.
  2. Nutrients. Kefir has high levels of calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and minerals.
  3. The skin. Shann says that “your skin is a map of your gut”: if your gut is in good working order, it should show in your skin. It has been suggested that kefir can help autoimmune diseases such as roseca, acne and eczema.
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Recent studies have suggested that a Western lifestyle and diet, rich in processed foods, sugar and unhealthy fats, is destroying the good bacteria in our guts, which may explain why digestive problems such as IBS are rampant . And the only solution is KEFIR – A SUPERFOOD DRINK !

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