What is Kefir

Kefir is a fermented drink which is like drinkable yogurt and contains the most effective nutrients and minerals which nourish the complete body and helps to loose weight fast. It is also a source of variety of  beneficial probotics which has powerful healing qualities .

Kefir helps in removing many diseases from the body if taken regularly and is completely healthy as its  highly natural .Kefir has no sideeffects as it  is made using regular milk that we generally drink at home .

Home Made kefir is believed to have around 60 essential  healthy probiotics compared to yogurt which has only  6 . That is why kefir is very very nutritious for our body when compared to yogurt that we normally take . So you can easily replace yogurt in your diet with kefir which also helps to loose weight fast.

Kefir repairs the whole body  cells and builds inner immunity which protects us from catching many seasonal  diseases  and other ailments .Kefir also helps in detoxifying  our body in the process of repairing and removing  many diseases .

Kefir is made using kefir granulas or kefir grains  and milk . Because it is made with milk and is fermented  so it also has calcium and proteins which builds up our bones and is 99% lactose free. Since proteins present in kefir are already partially digested , so they can be easily utilised by the body .Kefir is also a  rich source of magnesium , phosporous , vitamin K2 , folates , thaimin , B12 and other B vitamins .

Since kefir repairs our faulty cells and nourish our body so it doesnot allow the fat to gets deposited in the body and helps in reducing weight  and getting our body in  perfect  shape .

In crux kefir can be called a delicious superfood which is a complete  nutritional punch which when introduced  in your diet will make you super healthy and  very strong internally. Because of kefir’s  nutritional value   it is highly recommended  to  include kefir in your diet plan by the dietients around the world.