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Weight Loss and Probiotics

Probiotics contain all necessary nutrients that help you stay healthy and fit . They help normalise gastronomical flora , which gets depleted after taking antibiotics or  after suffering from infection. Probiotics keep gut healthy and prevents us from any diseases .

You can call probiotics as a dietery food which provides nutrition to our body and helps to remain fit . Taking probiotics along with a low fat diet and some exercise also assist in loosing weight and once lost managing weight too .One of the most powerful and natural probiotics is KEFIR as its is made from milk so its is 100% safe and superhealthy . When you want to loose weight make kefir using low-fat milk . ( if you want to know how to make KEFIR , check other article in my blog ) .You may also find  KEFIR in supermarkets but i don’t recommend it as supermarket kefir goes through a process of pasterisation to increase  its shelf life  and this process  destroys many nutrients while in the making process and so it is not that effective . So always make KEFIR at home to get its maximum benefits and loose weight early and fast .

Studies have proved that ladies who take probiotics  regularly loose more weight because the nutrients present in probiotics destroys the bad elements in our stomach which are responsible for weight gain and thus they help in loosing weight .To get slimming effect , it is recommended to   take probiotics ( i always recommend natural and home made like KEFIR ) along with a healthy diet and diet high in fibre . This combination will surely and naturally help you loose weight with out any sideeffects . Also it has been proved that if your gut is healthy so you will lose weight more easily and KEFIR helps to maintain healthy gut flora thus is a superfood to help you loose weight .

DOSAGE : If you are starting to take probiotics for the first time in life i recommend that you start with a small dosage ( 2- 3 spoons of kefir ) and later increase your intake once you get used to it .