No Fat Diet – KEFIR

Kefir is a milk beverage which is little tangy in taste . Kefir being a complete meal in itself is recommended by many dieticians to include in the diet chart. Its has all the essential vitamins , minerals , probiotics and nutrients that make kefir a super rich food and a must in everybody’s diet plan . Kefir not only helps in weight loss but also nourishes the complete body . It also has healing properties which repairs the damaged cells in the body and makes our bodies internally more strong which is why it helps in loosing weight .

Dieting with kefir doesnot require you to starve yourself but if you drink kefir in breakfast with a fruit of your choice that calls for a high dose of healthy breakfast . Since it has proteins and calcium in good quantities so one doesnot feel hungry after taking kefir till lunch time .Regularly consuming kefir in breakfast will not allow fat to get deposited in the body . Kefir also has a relaxing effect on our nervous system . If you include low-fat kefir( use skimmed milk while making kefir ) in your weight-loss menu and you consume fewer calories than you burn off each day, you should lose weight .
Regularly drinking Kefir helps to reduce BMI , Lower waist circumference and also body fat .One reason for this is kefir’s high protein content. Protein helps you feel full for long periods of time and boosts your body’s energy expenditure and makes you eat less by controlling your mouth . Actually Kefir and Proteins  are intertwined . Kefir is a very good source of calcium , proteins , vitamins , minerals and other nutrients .
Whole-milk fruit-flavored kefir products, however, aren’t the best choice for weight loss because they are higher in calories.One cup of plain, low-fat kefir contains about 11 grams of dietary protein.Low-fat kefir, when consumed in recommended quantities, is a healthy addition to a weight-loss meal plan. It makes a convenient between-meal snack that also helps you meet your dairy requirement.

If you are following palio’s diet where all dairy products are prohibited you can take kefir since it is 99% lactose free and is easily digestible . Taking kefir will compensate for not taking milk and will also help you in loosing oodles of weight .