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Kefir and Diabetes 

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Kefir and Diabetes

Researchers have found that the microbiome, or the bacterial community that lives within your intestines, is altered in patients with diabetes. Diabetics have more “bad bacteria” in their gut, and less “good bacteria. In is unknown whether this is the result of metabolic changes or if it is the cause.

Milk kefir is an effective home remedy for type II diabetes. Kefir is a milk that has been fermented by a bacteria culture that is present in kefir grains. Kefir grains are made up of yeasts and bacteria that exist symbiotically in a community of proteins and sugars. Simply put, kefir is fermented milk with a host of probiotics (friendly, beneficial bacteria). It is also packed with enzymes, folic acid, vitamins (B and K) and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Milk kefir  can be easily  made without too much trouble at home using Milk and Kefir Grains .

Another important content is digestible protein. The types of protein found in kefir are not meat-based and so they will neither damage the heart nor raise cholesterol levels. Instead, they will help in rebuilding cells, organs and systems.

A connection has been made between the bacteria staphylococcus aureus and type II diabetes. If a person has diabetes because his body has too much of the bacteria staphylococcus aureus, or the toxins that result from it, then treating the staphylococcus aureus may solve the diabetes problem.

The “good bacteria,” Lactobacillus Casei, is one that fights the “bad bacteria” staphylococcus aureus. A good way to get this good bacteria is through milk kefir.

Serious issues for all diabetics are nutrition, immunity and energy.

Diabetics’ cells are actually being starved — of nutrition (even though they may eat well) and consequently,  starved for energy production. Probiotic bacteria in kefir* actually help produce nutrients; help your body absorb nutrients; help reduce stress on the immune system and provide tools for immunity.

For people suffering from diabetes, kefir can be a great way to remain healthy. Kefir grains are made up of sugar and lactose-eating bacteria, which means that excess sugar is removed from the system before it can flood into the bloodstream and cause the plunges or spikes in blood sugar that diabetics try to avoid.

How Do I Use Milk Kefir for Diabetes Type II?

One cup of milk kefir should be consumed on an empty stomach daily for two months. If you are using store-bought milk kefir, you should make sure it contains, L. Casei. This bacteria is also found in some supplements and in some yogurts.

According to “The Diabetes Club”, people with diabetes should also consider drinking kefir and other fermented dairy products with lactic acid such as yogurt, sour milk and some cottage cheeses. Furthermore, what diabetics need that kefir can provide is the power to win over the unnecessary cravings for food. In addition to lactic acid, kefir has naturally occurring sugar contents and these can help in regulating blood sugar levels. As blood sugar levels drop, people feel an urge to eat. Kefir can eliminate those urges. This is also why kefir is considered a helpful drink for weightwatchers.

So, there it is.  The web is teeming with testimonials of diabetic patients who have found a sense of balance and happiness after including kefir in their regular diet. The best thing about kefir is that is has no side effects. This means diabetics have nothing to lose and potentially with everything to gain when drinking kefir.

When the balance of microbiota is disturbed, the person involved can become susceptible to disease. You have to have the friendly bacteria in sufficient numbers to fight off the harmful, even life-threatening, bacteria.  Several factors, like stress, altitude changes, erratic eating patterns, improper foods, lack of proper foods, parasitic organisms, food additives, chlorinated water, diarrhoea, and use of antibiotics, could contribute to such a disruption.

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