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Buy Organic Live milk kefir starter grains in Dubai & UAE Online – Best Quality Kefir Grains


Buy Organic Live milk kefir starter grains in Dubai & UAE Online - Best Quality Kefir Grains


How Are Kefir Grains Used?

Kefir grains are fermented in milk in order to extract the benefits. The end product is milk kefir and is a little more tart than yogurt and is in more of a drinkable form. Kefir has been called the “champagne of milk” and is said to taste like a “milk soda.” This milk can be added to recipes or you can drink it straight. Many prefer to use it to make milkshakes, cheese, yogurt and more.

The concentration of your kefir and how many beneficial bacteria are in it depends on how long it is fermented and your milk to grain ratio. There is another type called water kefir grains .

Milk kefir is a staple in every  household now . It actually has more probiotics than yogurt (even homemade yogurt). It contains beneficial enzymes and yeasts that help with digestion and immunity. Milk kefir is full of healthy fats and bio-available nutrients that your body needs! It has antibacterial properties, can improve bone health, and even lessen allergy symptoms! Are you convinced yet?

Buy Organic Live milk kefir starter grains in Dubai & UAE Online – Best Quality Kefir Grains

Kefir taste and looks like yogurt. However, if compared yogurt to kefir is more nutritious. The process of making kefir is very easy. You just need to put it on a jar, leave at a room temperature and then wait for  24 hours for it to ferment. That’s it. Take a look at the process enlisted below in making a homemade kefir.


  • 1 tablespoon kefir grains – click here to buy
  • 1 quart Skim milk ( If you are watching weight) or whole milk (organic, non-homogenized version of milk is best .)

Materials needed:

  •  Clean glass jar with cover
  • Plastic spoon or non metal stirring rod
  • Plastic strainer
  • Cheesecloth and rubber band


  1. Place the kefir grains in the glass jar and then fill the jar with skim milk or whole milk until ¾ full. If available, you may use organic and non-pasteurized milk for better result.
  2. Cover the jar with two layers of cheesecloth and secure it with the use of a rubber band.
  3. Place the jar on the kitchen, away from the sunlight.
  4. Leave it there for two days while stirring it periodically using a non mental stirring rod or a plastic spoon.
  5. When a thick texture is achieved, filter out the kefir grains using a plastic strainer. Remember not to mash the grains.
  6. Place the grains in a separate jar. Add enough  milk to soak the grains and place it inside the refrigerator. You may use the grains again in your next kefir making.
  7. Meanwhile, you may serve the kefir right away after filtering or have it refrigerated first to keep it chilled before serving.


If you need to take a break from your by now beloved milk kefir, you should feed you grains and put them in the fridge. When you return from vacation, or resume your need for kefir, take out the grains and feed them again. You may need to feed them a couple of times before they are back to their usual vigor and making drinkable kefir.