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Buy Kefir in India

Buy live Milk kefir grains and live Water Kefir grains  online in india  from  at best price . We only sell 100% Pure , Organic and Live Kefir Grains in all India with Free Shipping  available at your doorsteps . Now make kefir at home with our live and  genuine kefir cultures available in Purest form  .

Home made kefir is the best kefir to consume for the maximum Health benefits as it is free from all preservatives including sugar . Kefir is super easy to make as you just have to take a glass jar , add  1 glass of milk in it and then add your kefir grains into the jar and close the lid and keep it to ferment for 24 hours in your kitchen counter or cupboard . Its good if the jar is kept at a place where there is no sunlight . After 24 hours just strain the milk whihc by now has turned into curd like consistency and wow our kefir is ready . Isnt it super easy ?? Just like you make your curd but kefir has much more  probiotics than compared with curd …for more details on kefir Vs yogurt check our homepage .

We vouch for our Kefir Grains  Quality and give 100% assurance  for its High Quality .Indiaweightlosskefir .com feels deeply  honoured  in contributing to  our society by making available the Bestest Quality Kefir Grains to Indians  . At just click of a button you get kefir Grains at your doorsteps . There are many Cheap Quality  Kefir Grains available at less prices so choose your vendor cautiosly . Kefir Grains are just 1 (One) time investment so you should buy the best for your family ‘s best Health .

Yes , You Heard it right my friends …You dont have to buy them again and again in life but only once and by right storage you neednot to buy them again in life !! We also provide complete Kefir Instructions along with the Kefir Grains .ALso we are available online on whatsapp no 08588817525   – all 7 days and 24 hours for all or any help or guidance you need from us  . So dont wait and book your Grains NOW and take care of your Health as noone would doit for you but YOUSELF !!