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Buy Kefir Grains Online in West Bengal 

Buy Kefir Grains Online in West Bengal

Buy Kefir Grains Online  in West Bengal – We are one of the top Kefir supplier firms in West Bengal  (Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Cooch Behar, Malda, North Dinajpur , South Dinajpur ,  Alipurduar , Bankura, Bardhaman, Birbhum, Purulia, Murshidabad, Nadia, West Midnapore, East Midnapore, Hooghly, Howrah, Kolkata)

Kefir is a traditional Middle Eastern beverage that has incredible health benefits. Our ancestors were well aware of its healing power with ‘kefir’ originating from the Turkish word ‘Keyif’, which means ‘good feeling’. Kefir is made from any type of milk (cow, Buffalo, sheep, goat, dairy, camel) with the addition of  white ‘cauliflower’ or ‘coral’ looking grain  called Kefir Grains which ferments the milk.

This fermentation process creates a fizzy, tart, acidic tasting milk product, with the consistency of drinkable yoghurt which is teeming with probiotic bacteria and yeast. It is also loaded with many vitamins, nutrients and minerals which are easily digested. The grains should be removed with a plastic strainer before consuming and added to a new batch of milk with a small amount of the original kefir. Consuming kefir increases the amount of good bacteria in the gut, which not only helps to digest food but also has many therapeutic benefits.

Kefir can also help eliminate unhealthy food cravings by making the body more nourished and balanced. Its excellent nutritional content offers healing and health-maintenance benefits to people in every type of condition.

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Kefir Grains are packed with good micro-organisms, micro- and macro-nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals like proteins, vitamin B, vitamin K, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, among others. For thousands of decades ago, townsmen and shepherds of Caucasus mountain had accidentally discovered kefir who kept raw goat milk in their leather pouches. This incident accidentally produced kefir by the act of fermentation. At first, they did not know or had any medical knowledge about this food. They just knew that they felt healthier, stronger and were freed from diseases and lived longer lives after drinking it.