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Buy Kefir Grains Online in Chhattisgarh

Buy Kefir Grains Online in Chhattisgarh

Buy Kefir Grains Online  in Chhattisgarh;- We are one of the top Kefir  supplier firms in Chhattisgarh – Raipur, Jagdalpur, Bilaspur, Durg, Raigarh, Korba etc.

Probiotics contain all necessary nutrients that help you stay healthy and fit . They help normalise gastronomical flora , which gets depleted after taking antibiotics or after suffering from infection. Probiotics keep gut healthy and prevents us from any diseases .

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You can call probiotics as a dietery food which provides nutrition to our body and helps to remain fit . Taking probiotics along with a low fat diet and some exercise also assist in loosing weight and once lost managing weight too .One of the most powerful and natural probiotics is KEFIR as its is made from milk so its is 100% safe and superhealthy . When you want to loose weight make kefir using low-fat milk . ( if you want to know how to make KEFIR , check other article in my blog ) .Always make KEFIR at home to get its maximum benefits and loose weight early and fast .

Kefir is a traditional Middle Eastern beverage that has incredible health benefits. Our ancestors were well aware of its healing power with ‘kefir’ originating from the Turkish word ‘Keyif’, which means ‘good feeling’. Kefir is made from any type of milk (cow, Buffalo, sheep, goat, dairy, camel) with the addition of  white ‘cauliflower’ or ‘coral’ looking grain  called Kefir Grains which ferments the milk.Kefir Grains are packed with good micro-organisms, micro- and macro-nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals like proteins, vitamin B, vitamin K, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, among others. For thousands of decades ago, townsmen and shepherds of Caucasus mountain had accidentally discovered kefir who kept raw goat milk in their leather pouches. This incident accidentally produced kefir by the act of fermentation. At first, they did not know or had any medical knowledge about this food. They just knew that they felt healthier, stronger and were freed from diseases and lived longer lives after drinking it.