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I ordered kefir grains from Indaweightlosskefir and m very satisfied with the grains quality .

Twinkle Mehra

Kefir Grains received were ready to use and my kefir got ready the next day . Thank you !


I received kefir grains in a very fresh state and i really admire your packing style . The instruction Booklet was really helpful . Thanks

Nalini Kulkarni

Kefir Grains recd from your site were very fresh and very good quality . I will surely recommend your site to my friends .

Yogita Purohit

I have been drinking kefir since last 6 months now and the grains quality that you have is really amazing and v good .

Poonam Housewife

The kefir  grains that i bought from you have grown so well and i have even shared it with one of  my friend … very good quality grains u have .

Praveen Mumbai

All my doubts were answered very nicely over phone also even after 1 month of buying . Grains are very good quality .

Payal Hyderabad