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Kefir Grains in Bangalore 

kefir Grains in Bangalore

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Kefir is a cultured milk beverage that is very popular abroad. It is made by fermenting milk (whether from a cow, goat, or buffalo ) using both yeast and bacteria. With a sour, creamy taste similar to yogurt, kefir is touted for its probiotic benefits. Kefir can be easily made at home, but requires an initial purchase of “kefir grains,” the name for the small clumps of yeast and bacteria mixed with proteins, sugars, and fats. These grains can be used indefinitely if maintained properly, allowing for a new batch of kefir to be prepared each day. Learning how to maintain kefir grains is a process requiring minimal time and effort.

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Kefir grains are very sustainable and economical. With gentle care, these grains can be recycled endless times. There are two varieties of kefir grains: water kefir which has a yellowish crystal color, and milk kefir which has a white creamy cauliflower-type appearance that of the size of wheat kernels. Both are delicious and have many health benefits. Kefir can be taken by all generations, from young to old, male and female. Even pregnant women are welcome to drink. It is safe and nutritious. Since milk kefir grains feed on lactose, kefir is perfect for individuals who are colon sensitive and lactose intolerant. The good thing about kefir is that it is not only curative but also preventive which means you don’t have to be sick to take it and it is safe to drink it everyday. I recommend 250ml everyday. For starters, you can try it every other day with 30 ml  and increase slowly to reach 250ml per day.