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Buy Kefir Grains Online in Mizoram

Buy Kefir Grains Online in Mizoram


Buy Kefir Grains online in Mizoram and Aizawl . We are Best Quality Supplier of Kefir Grains in Mizoram and Aizawl .Fermented beverages such as kefir have abundant natural sugar enzymes as well. These enzymes aid in breaking down complex sugars in the bowels, resulting in reduced incidence of bloating and gas. The probiotic bacteria in kefir have demonstrated anti -allergenic properties as well. And last but not the least, individuals with lactose intolerance may fare better with kefir as it appears consumption improves both tolerance and digestion of lactose.


Normally, you have about 300 different strains of bacteria in your gut. About ten to twelve pounds of your body weight is this intestinal colony of bacteria. If you are healthy, most of this colony consists of healthy families of bacteria, but if you are unwell, trouble will ensue. In total, you are at least 100 trillion cells of bacteria. You and I are living sacks of bacteria and nobody is really talking about this. Bacteria outnumber the cells in your body. When things go haywire, you can be sure that your bacteria have gotten out of balance. Diabetes is very inflammatory. The blood is not moving through the arteries in a fluid fashion, but instead creeps through like sludge when blood sugar is high. Kefir is anti-inflammatory and this will help every function in the body. It is also full of enzymes, which relieve stress on the pancreas. It is full of beneficial bacteria that help cells communicate with one another in ways that only essential bacteria can communicate. Kefir is an important probiotic that has many bioactive ingredients, which give it unique health benefits. Consuming kefir helps  solve  myriad of problems.

Do you have to wash or rinse your grains?

Some people like to do this, but it was never done traditionally and is not necessary at all. By nature, they are a symbiotic mass of microflora that has self-inoculating properties, protecting itself from foreign bacteria or yeast. The lactic and acetic acids it excretes also protects it from becoming contaminated. Many have observed that when they stopped rinsing their grains, they grew better and produced better kefir. Sometimes they can get fat deposit (crusty, orange colored areas) that may indicate they need a gentle scrub and rinse though. If you wish to rinse them, make sure it is clean, non-chlorinated water. Simply run them under flowing water or swish them around in a bowl of clean water, and pat dry.